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Kansas State Polytechnic

Advisor and Advisee Expectations

What you can expect of your academic advisor:

Provide assistance with:
  1. Developing a good advisor/advisee relationship
  2. Scheduling courses for the upcoming semester
  3. Developing an educational plan to achieve your goals
  4. Academic difficulties
    • Add-drop, withdrawal, academic standing, degree requirements, etc.
  5. Major and career exploration
    • Whether undecided, interested in secondary degrees, minors or certificates
  6. Referring you to appropriate campus offices and campus resources
  7. Personal concerns
  8. Graduation plans

Expect your advisor to be accessible, to be knowledgeable and to care!

What your academic advisor expects of you:

  1. Accepting your share of the responsibility for your academic success
    • Remain informed of academic progress, academic requirements, and maintain academic records
    • Be an active participant in orientation programs, group advising, and individual advising appointments
  2. Developing a good advisor/advisee relationship
  3. Initiating advising contact
  4. Making and keeping appointments throughout the semester
  5. Preparing for advising sessions
    • Consider your course selection prior to your appointment and make a tentative schedule to review with your advisor
    • Provide academic information that will assist in the advising process i.e. act scores, placement tests, transcripts etc.
  6. Coming prepared to discuss educational goals, co-curricular interests, internship aspirations, study abroad interests, etc.
  7. Being proactive and seek additional assistance if and when necessary
    • Academic advisors are a good starting point and can make appropriate referrals
    • Inform advisors of any special needs, deficiencies, or barriers that might affect academic success