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Undergraduate Research Banner


About the Award

This opportunity is for our undergraduate students to professionally present the results of scholarship resulting from their coursework. The culminating event each year will be the spring semester showcase (KSUS-URS) taking place each year in late April or early May. This will be a juried event based on the vote of a committee of 3 - 5 campus faculty members and will be a late afternoon/evening event in order to encourage maximum participation. In order to qualify under this program, projects must meet the accepted KSU definition of undergraduate research:

“Undergraduate research and creative endeavors are defined as scholarly, collaborative, authentic, original work or an assessment from new point of view conducted by a student or group of students within a mentored environment for the purpose of publicly disseminating the information through a university seminar, poster/oral conference presentation, performance, exhibition, and/or publication. The projects shall involve inquiry, design, investigation, research, scholarship, discovery, application, writing and/or performance to a greater or lesser degree depending on the discipline.”

Each student will have a sponsoring faculty member who will help guide them through the process in concert with the Kansas StatePolytechnic Associate Dean of Research. The faculty committee will meet twice late in each spring semester, once to determine which projects will be allowed into the showcase, and lastly to determine awards. First place will receive a cash award of $750, second place will receive $500, and 3rd place will receive $250. The committee reserves the right to make, or not make, awards based solely on their determination.