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Kansas State Polytechnic

Kansas State Polytechnic
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Salina, KS 67401-8196

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Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus

The Experience Matters

We turn belief into action. When you dig deeper than theory and classroom learning, you produce capable, forward thinking leaders ready to solve real-world problems. Our students learn by doing, whether through hands-on projects, research, internships or competitions. Faculty members are more than their diplomas on the wall; they're experts in the field, and they are passionate about translating their know-how to the next generation of doers. Kansas State Polytechnic is an education, but more so, it's an experience.

We provide a small campus atmosphere with a professional learning environment built on theory, research and industry application in the classroom. Students can choose from 14 undergraduate programs and a Professional Master of Technology, making the university an equally diverse community of traditional and nontraditional students. We are proud to be one of four campuses in the Kansas State University system.

About the change to a polytechnic campus

FAQs with Dean FitzsimmonsKansas State University has announced the name change of the Salina campus to reflect its 50-year mission as the Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus.

"We are positioning our campus for national growth," said Verna Fitzsimmons, CEO and dean of Kansas State University Salina. "Our campus will continue to focus on career-based programs and experiential learning. We are taking a look at expanding what we offer to meet the needs of tomorrow's careers."

Frequently asked questions

Why has K-State Salina transformed to a polytechnic identity?

The Salina campus has been teaching more than just theory in the classroom for more than 50 years. Students on this campus learn by doing. It is now time for our name to match how we teach and who we are. 

What does polytechnic mean?

A polytechnic model consists of three parts:

  1. Learning theory through application.
  2. Connecting active classroom learning with the outside world through integrated studies.
  3. Focusing on professional programs, which prepare our students to lead successful careers.  
Why change the name now?

In order to be successful in the future and to grow the campus, we have to be willing to change. For years, the campus has already been following the polytechnic model.  The name change is Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus which reflects who we are and how our students learn instead of where we are. We are very proud to be part of the K-State family.

How many other polytechnic campuses are in Kansas?

This is the only campus of its kind in the state of Kansas, making it a destination location for students interested in this type of learning.

What will the diplomas and transcripts say?

This campus is still part of the university. All diplomas and transcripts will say "Kansas State University."

Will the campus still house the College of Technology and Aviation?

Yes, we will continue to be K-State's ninth college.

What types of degrees are offered on the campus?

Bachelor's degrees are offered on our campus through professional programs, which prepare our students to lead successful careers. In addition, we offer a Professional Master of Technology for continued education opportunities in technology careers.

Are employers, industry and community members supportive of the name change?

The decision to change our name was carefully thought out for the past two years. Our research shows that a name change will describe who we are and how our students learn. The majority of employers, industry representatives, Dean's Advisory Council, faculty and community members who were polled support the name change. 

Comments (pdf) from Dean's Advisory Council Chair, Todd Smith. 

Comments (pdf) from Student Governing Association President, Elliot Rogers

How will the name change benefit the Salina community?

The Salina community has been crucial to the success of the campus, investing in its development over the years. We are grateful for the support and we want to return the favor. By transforming the campus into a Polytechnic university, we will continue to offer innovative and exceptional education while attracting a larger number of students from across the globe. With the Polytechnic campus thriving, we will be contributing to the revitalization of the city.


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